Hold the Phone, We Lost the ELF!

Hold the Phone, We Lost the ELF!

We lost our ELF. You know, the one who sits on the shelf, that I diligently pack back in his box every year when the torture of creative thinking ends. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got about two good weeks in me, then I can’t think of anything except something involving a toilet paper roll. This year, I’m starting a calendar to record ideas. #ipromise #probably

Somehow this year, we couldn’t find him. Which we discovered when my frother (friend who is like a brother) asked to borrow him as part of a Halloween costume. I frantically Amazon-Primed (that’s a verb now) a new one ASAP, and BOOM! We’re back in business. 

When this happened my husband said, “Maybe we should end it. Maybe this is the year it stops. Just tell them.”

Our girls are nearly 10 and newly 8, our rainbow baby boy is 2. Obviously, Husband has lost his Christmas-magic-loving mind. I’m not telling them ANYTHING. I’m over here praying this new elf looks like the old one and they don’t notice. 

I want the magic to live on forever. Yes, my kids know Jesus. They adore Him and they recite the Christmas story to all who listen. They also know Santa and the elves because life is about balance. It’s why you can have salad for lunch and a bottle of rosé and popcorn for dinner when you’re a grown up. #amen

I’m holding on to their childlike faith which is so evident to me around Christmas because of the magic of Santa and the elves and all the things we do to make them believe just a little bit longer. I’m sure you do all the things too: move your elf, leave cookies out for Santa, a carrot for Rudolph, sprinkle “reindeer food”, maybe you’re the type to go all out and make Santa footprints from the chimney to the tree or take a bite from a cookie so it looks as if Santa himself had a nibble. (I’d love to hear what you do – I geek out over this kind of magic and what a gorgeous act of service to show love to your kiddos!) I think, Christmas one of the times believes and nonbelievers can glimpse what faith looks like in a tangible way. The parallels exist between our faith in Christ and our faith in Santa, for sure. The challenge is moving the next step…talking about the realness of a Savior. What does that look like, do you think? 

So, we didn’t tell them. And this morning when my 8-year-old came down before me to find the elf. She left this…it says, 

“Dear, horsey

I am so glad your bake and ready to keep findyn you. You are so fun, nice, kind, loveing and sweet. 

love Kamden”


There it is. There’s the magic. The believe of a child. You can bet your behind that when I found this letter mid-morning I sent Husband a text with a waggy finger (not the middle one) that said, “See! And YOU wanted to end this! Look how precious this is! She did this all on her own.”

My friend, my favorite part is that one day she’ll know the elf isn’t real and then she’ll be in on a special secret and part of the team that keeps the magic real for other littles like her brother. But her Jesus – He’s the real deal.

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