Hi, I’m Misty. Let’s be friends. {Did that sound creepy? Pretend it didn’t.}

Faith-driven wife, mom, educator, and lover of travel. If there were awards for snark and sarcasm wrapped in kindness, I’d win that. Here I write to share what I love and hope you find something you love too.

I love the Lord but do not love Christian “standards and stereotypes”. Owning my faith has been a long and difficult journey, and I plan to keep trekking along because I can’t imagine my life without it. I prayed since high school for the perfect partner and it took a couple of not perfect to find the answer to my prayer, but God knew and I learned a lesson in timing. Spoiler – he’s a rocket scientist nerd and was made for me.

In college I learned to put my love of office supplies to good use leaving little sticky notes for my roommates and friends, a bit of encouragement, a funny quote to share a smile, whatever might make their day – or mine sometimes. Ironically for much of my life I prayed and prayed for the Lord to “just leave a little sticky note” with directions on what to do with my life.  I’m sure you can relate.  He doesn’t work quite like that, but he did leave this giant book of directions, you’ve probably heard of it – The Bible. Who knew? As I’ve “grown up” in my faith, I have learned to put into practice the searching for these “sticky notes” in a new way.

I have a terrible addiction to tv, I love 90s boy bands and Jimmy Buffet but not equally. I know that being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job I’ll ever have and I often question if I’m good enough at it. I’m the mom to two pre-teen girls and a pre-school spunky boy, so that is loads of fun. I am also the mom to a son who was stillborn, lost during labor, and I feel grief dearly and deeply. I am an educator who loves learning and teaching and technology. I am a big, big fan of travel. I’ll go anywhere, really but I especially love The Happiest Place on Earth. While I work full time in education, I also plan “magical” vacations as a business owner for fun.

I want to share all of the things I know and love with you because I believe in making life easier, happier, and being comforted when it isn’t. Also, I know some things about faith, family, education, and travel and I want to spread the wealth. So, I hope you dig in and find something here you love too.


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