Waiting for Sticky Notes, is a nod to my love of office supplies and how I keep track of my favorite reminders from the Lord. I hope you’ll find Waiting for Sticky Notes is more than blog. It’s a little bit of everything: a safe space, a silly story, a bit of encouragement from a mom who gets that you love your kiddos more than life but, for real, you just need a minute. If you are a busy mom or woman looking for a little reminder that no one is doing this thing just right, but we are all in it together – you found it, friend. Thanks for following along.

Here’s some background, in college I learned to put my love of office supplies to good use leaving little sticky notes for my roommates and friends, a bit of encouragement a funny quote to share a smile, whatever might make their day. Ironically for much of my life I prayed and prayed for the Lord to “just leave a little sticky note” with directions on what to do with my life.  I’m sure you can relate.  He doesn’t work quite like that, but he did leave this giant book of directions, you’ve probably heard of it – The Bible. Who knew? As I’ve “grown up” in my faith, I have learned to put into practice the searching for these “sticky notes” from the All Mighty in a new way. My goal is to share with you all the beauty of His word and to see Him in even the darkest of valleys.

If you’re a momma who has experienced child loss from still born, miscarriage, or infant loss, please know that this is a safe space for sympathy, empathy, and encouragement to lean into the Lord in what is certainly the most unimaginable pain you’ve ever felt.

About Misty Oerther:

Misty Oerther is a writer and speaker who loves Jesus, her husband, and her four children with loyalty and enthusiasm. She mothers three children at home and one in the arms of Jesus. Misty has spent a good part of her life in front of an audience as a trainer, teacher, and educator. While currently working full time in the education field, she also enjoys planning magical vacations at her part-time business: Misty Oerther, Simply Enchanted Travel. Her extroverted personality drives quick connections with others, and she will do just about anything for a laugh, often at the expense of her own embarrassment. As a mom and writer she is so thrilled you are here.

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  1. Crystal Markley

    Thank you Misty for creating this page. I have 2 babies awaiting me in heaven. How true that our God has a plan for us, but we must first seek his face for us to 100 percent learn of his guidance and path for our life. It was a great struggle experiencing losss of created life. I was angry and bitter, but prayer helped me realize that there is no greater place, and no greater father to raise my precious angels than our lord. To end, my children whom are here with me have saved my life and renewed my faith. They truly are my purpose in life. A friend once told me in college that the Bible is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I llok forward to sharing your journey. Again, thank you for this space.

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