Devotion – Trust Fall:Training Yourself to Place Trust in God

Devotion – Trust Fall:Training Yourself to Place Trust in God

Have you ever done a trust fall? You know, you stand high on a ledge and a group of people stand below with arms laced together to catch you as you fall straight backward in hopes they keep you from crashing to the ground. It’s hard to fall straight back like a board without naturally buckling your knees or bending at the hips to brace yourself from the certainly impending fall you fear is coming. Yet, it’s the only way the group can properly catch you.


And here’s the kicker, you can SEE this group of folks! With your eyeballs – they are standing there with smiles waiting for you to come on down. You know they’ll catch you and it is still our body’s physical response to buckle. We have to learn to overcome and talk ourselves out of that in order to move forward and fall with trust in our heart and our mind so that the exercise is a success.  It’s the same with learning to trust God. It should be natural, and sometimes it probably is, but more often than not we have to train our body and our mind to place trust in Him.

This is what Jesus is saying through Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust me. I’ve got you. Look at me standing here with my arms open wide. Turn off your “own understanding” the need to buckle your knees or bend your hips and fall straight into me. Let me catch you as you fall (or jump) off the ledge into the safety of my plan.


Father, let us identify our season of wait as we begin to dig into your wise words written so long ago, yet with everlasting meaning in our lives even today. Help us to heed to your plan and trust that you have gone before us to prepare in perfect timing whatever it is we might be waiting for. Amen.



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