Random Thoughts

So today went swimmingly…and I’m totally referencing the film “Finding Nemo” where Dori sings the “just keep swimming” jingle. 😉 Today it worked.

My “day” began around 11:30pm last night. Kamden (our 2 year old) has discovered how to open (& unlock) her bedroom door in the middle of the night. This means, she goes into her big sister’s room (it’s closer & the night light is on, much less scary than rambling down to hall to mom and dad).  Kendall (our 3 year old) is not a fan of having her younger sister in bed with her (Kamden likes to cuddle when she’s scared). Anyways, this all ended up in Kamden screaming in my husband’s face around midnight, me putting both kids back in their own room’s – 3 times, then finally submitting and climbing into Kendall’s bed with the both of them. Did I mention Kendall might have the softest, most uncomfortable bed ever. This was quite a treat for me, I’m sure you can relate. Trying to keep myself from falling out of the too soft bed while avoiding kicking toddlers and sisters fighting over which spot was “my spot” to lay. Suprisingly I managed to get about 4ish hours of sleep before they jumping and whispers of “wake up, Mommy” began.

My husband slept through this whole ordeal, and when I mentioned this to him during our morning phone call, he thought it was all kinds of hilarious. What a sense of humor.

Despite my tiredness and cranky kiddos I managed to do a “quick minute workout”, shower, let both girls shower, dry all our hair (and they’re thick and curly like me, so it’s a lot of hair), dress the 3 of us (they helped by choosing to wear their holiday dresses – hey, choose your battles) and feed everyone breakfast. Did I mention I did this BEFORE going back to work today, the first day back from Christmas Break.

All in all, it was a successfull day.

Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll explain my title; the “Sticky Notes” part…the random, well, you get that.

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