All the Besties…

All the Besties…

You know what my favorite thing about friendship is? That it comes and goes.

You know what my least favorite thing about friendship is? That it comes and goes.

I love that different seasons of life bring different friendships and new bonds. I hate that this same thing, because though I’m extrovert through and through it sometimes takes me a bit to trust people, like really trust them.

Once my mom told me, “You’ll meet your best friends in college.” And 10-year-old me thought that was the worst news ever.  Turns out she was right. I know, I know, you’re all shocked that a mother was right about something. 😉

I first learned to really trust these college friends. Who giggled with me until the wee hours, studied with me when I couldn’t grasp a concept in Anatomy and Physiology, sprinted breathlessly across campus after an evening class to order Papa John’s pizza and arrive just in time in my dorm to watch Dawson’s Creek. Who loved the sticky notes I left on their doors, appreciated my loud personality, and who called me out on my bull$*!+. I assure you, in college, that was often.

Though after college we separated in physical distance, there’s still a bond like no other. They know my faith runs deep, because they share it equally. They prayed with me through tough decisions then and now.

Transition to adulthood. Making friends is dumb. It’s not like elementary school when everyone just plays together, it’s not like college where everyone wants to know everyone and have fun. It’s more like high school where there are cliques and groups and super nice people and super fake people. I am too old for this, you guys. I’m just me and extra, extrovert Misty wants all the friends. So much so, that she’s super awkward sometimes. Whatever. You get what you get with me.


I love that my elementary friends, and middle school friends, and high school friends are still people I talk to and hang out with occasionally though we all live far away. I adore that I can still spend weekends with my college bestie and our families in our jammies eating pizza and dancing to Baby Shark. I am grateful to the grown up friends who had kids before me and guide me through the activities and sign ups and elementary school girl drama and who can squeeze in a Bible Study while our kids are at a practice. Friends who text to check in and Facetime late at night after all our kids are sleeping because it’s the only time we can have a conversation without someone asking for a snack 27 times. #canigetanAMEN

Friends are get you through this life thing. Families and spouses they’re amazing too, but without friends who would you go to to complain about your families and your husbands, I mean really? (That was a joke, please don’t send letters.)

Blessed be us who are bound by the chord of three strands in a friendship ordained by a Father who knows us and knows just what we need.

Prov 27_9


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