One Word Prayer

Have you ever had a panic or anxiety attack? Have you maybe had one and just didn’t realize what was going on? Maybe you haven’t experienced this level of anxiousness but mom life, wife life, business life, dad life just feels a little bit too much for a minute.

As we sit deep in the struggle trying to clear our brain and make sense of this unexpected moment of panic, sometimes we just can’t get our brain, or our body, to pray. Knowing that reaching out to the Lord was the one thing that could help feels physically impossible.

A while back a friend shared a pretty vulnerable moment with me. She was feeling especially overwhelmed about life and couldn’t seem to think straight or breathe. I’ve certainly felt that way, and I’m sure you can relate too, right? She shared with me that the only word she could seem to form audibly was – Jesus.

She told this story in a small group of friends and so I didn’t comment at the time, but it certainly has lingered with me. And I’ve used that same one word prayer in my own moments of anxiety.


It’s just enough, isn’t it?

I am so thankful for a Lord that knows what I’m trying to say when all I can say is a one word prayer. I love that our faith and our prayer doesn’t have to be complicated or full of words to be heard.

Always enough.


one word prayer.png


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