Book Review – More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life by Kristin Funston

Book Review – More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life by Kristin Funston

I am a more girl.

I want more. More of all the things. More people (the more the merrier, I’m an extrovert to the core), more jobs (I have 4), more kids (I would have 10 if I could), more food (who doesn’t want more food), more vacations, more house, more family time, more time. Period.


Wanting more is a part of who we are. God designed us to desire more. So it’s all OK, right? Wanting more goes back to the beginning of human existence. Just before The Fall, we meet the Sneaky Serpent who tempts Eve and then Adam into biting the apple because…they want more. They already had all the things. All the time, all the family, all the food, all of God. Yet, they somehow felt it wasn’t enough. Blame the Serpent, if you must, but they bit the apple. It didn’t bring the more they hoped for.

What I don’t often seek is more Jesus. Ouch, right?

And this is what causes the lack of fulfillment that keeps me chasing more. I’m looking for the wrong “more”. I want to be filled with the things I can control and not the things He controls. Which is, you know, all the things.

What “more” are you chasing? Let’s commit together to make room for the more in Jesus that fills us completely. He has more for us.  Recently, I was able to be a part of the launch team for an amazing book by Kristin Funston titled More for Mom. Kristin shares all about the more that the Lord has for us.

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Kristin paints a beautiful picture of what more FOR mom looks like with stories that make you giggle and words that make you stop and think.

It’s a breath of fresh air and encouragement to the weary mom with moments like, “More is not needed from you, more is available for you.” It’s real talk messages like, “We must realize that our holiness isn’t what we do, but what Christ has already done”.

It’ll make you think, friend, about how you look at parenting and how you examine the depth of your faith and Kristin’s witty humor doesn’t hurt either.

If you are feeling a little exhausted but joyful as you run through this motherhood role, I recommend picking up a copy of the, More for Mom, for yourself and I can’t wait to hear the sticky note you take away from it. I wrote a few down!


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