An Open Letter to My Best Friend

An Open Letter to My Best Friend

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being – you. Always. Even when life takes us different places physically or socially or emotionally I know that you are always thinking of me as I am thinking of you. When we go a day or a week or a month without chatting I don’t worry, because I know we will pick right back up where we left off planning crazy antics and diving into deep conversation.

Thank you for…

Always being present. When you rushed to my house in the middle of tragedy. Answered my frantic text or phone call. Came over for a last minute “family dinner” or a planned “family slumber party”. For taking girls’ trips and birthday trips. Even when you couldn’t be physically close by you knew just when to call or text or send a silly card to let me know you were thinking of me or tell me to put away the crazy and pull my crap together.

Great conversations. Whether I needed a minute to vent, a minute to pity party, a minute to be sad, or excited, or angry – you were my person. You listened intently – and we both know I can talk for hours. I love the conversations when you turn my pouty mood into a positive one like only you can do with a stupid reminder of our past or a quip about the future. We will be the most fun old ladies I know.

Never turning down a junk food and wine night. Sometimes we just need to veg and be reminded about how awesome we are when we aren’t at a party or PTO meeting or practice or church or whatever other activity we have to squeeze in. I love that we can just chill and chat and be us – because we are the most hysterical, brilliant ladies I know even if we sometimes eat our feelings.

Loving my family. Thanks for loving my kids like your kids and letting them call you “aunt” and “uncle”. Someday we will explain they aren’t really cousins with yours. And I am thankful you’re friends with my husband. Sometimes joking and getting along, sneaking him gift ideas and making him think you’re on his side but turning quick as a whip and taking mine. Because girls rule and we will always have each others back.

Accepting me. Flaws and quirks and all. You are my person and sometimes no one gets me like you do. You can call me out on my crap, check in on my faith walk, and tell it like it is to me in a way that really, no one else can. Your friendship is my love language. You get that sometimes I make up my own words and it takes me a super long time to get ready in the morning, and no, I do not wanna go for a run with you…but I am so cheering you on!

It may have taken me a while to find you, bestie, but we have “grown up” together in a new way. We have been there for each other through all the good and all the bad. We faced the good with celebrations and giggles and the rough spots with love, support, sympathy, and real honesty.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All my love,

Your Best Friend


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