These are a few of my Favorite Amazon Prime Deals…

These are a few of my Favorite Amazon Prime Deals…

I’m on the bandwagon, you guys. I love me some Amazon Prime and I couldn’t let this all go “buy” (that was on purpose), without sharing my favorite deals with you. So without any cutesy tale and small talk – here’s my list. In no particular order. Please note that you must already have a Prime Membership to get these great deals, if you don’t no worries. It’ll pay for itself after you make a purchase and then, like me, you’ll see the beauty in ordering all the things and having them arrive at your house in 2 days.

  • Cricut Air Explore 2 Bundle. I love my Cricut. I have the Explore One and I love it so much, that I am actually tempted to take advantage of this deal because it is so great. And this one is super cute because it’s pink, well, fuchsia. I love this bundle because it comes with all the tools that you’ll need to get started on those projects and the samples you want to play around with. You’ll save $90 on this deal.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick with Remote and Sling TV Credit. We hate cable. Everyone hates cable. No one wants to pay that giant bill every month. This is how you avoid it. Get the Fire TV Stick PLUS a Sling TV credit (which has all your network TV and other good stuff). Add Netflix and Hulu (which you’re probably already paying for because…Stranger Things and the Handmaids Tale can’t be missed, am I right? You’ll save $25 on this purchase plus roughly $25 on the free Sling TV.
  • Amazon Echo Dot. Even if you already have one this great deal is worth a bonus to tuck somewhere in your house. My office has one that they run in the women’s restroom, which I think is creepy, but the music is soothing and keeps my paranoia of others hearing me do my business at bay. If you’ve never seen this amazing smart speaker in action, it plays music streamed from wifi, your phone, and Amazon. It also has an amazing array of interactive games and it is voice controlled. My toddler has learned to say “Awexa, pway Mickey Mouse Theme Song.” So we pretty much listen to his soundtrack demands all day long, and we’re nearly over Baby Shark, so I’m thankful. You’ll save $27.99 on this deal.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS. I bought my Apple Watch Series 3 a little more than two months ago after pining for it for over a year. It was so worth it. I do love it as much as I hoped I would. If you don’t already have a smart watch, they do everything – heart rate, quick texts, Facebook Messenger, play music, set timers and alarms, track your fitness and food, if you like. If only they put away laundry. You’ll save $80 on this deal.
  • Dyson Animal 7 Vacuum. Trust me when I say we have loved our Dyson so very much. Two black lab dogs and white carpet for 7 years. We needed our Dyson. We went through other vacuums before, none compared. This is worth it and we use it on carpet and hard wood floors. You’ll save $120 on this deal.
  • Wet Brush Travel 3 Pack. I love travel. I love great hair. I love when my girls don’t scream bloody murder when it is time to brush their hair, and I have curly girls. Load up on this deal. Share them with your friends, buy them for the team, save them for when your kids inevitably lose one.  Also if you want the big size, here you go – I’m a big, big fan of the Wet Brush. There isn’t another one on the market that keeps my kids tear free when it is time to brush that swim hair out.
  • Ring Doorbell with free Echo Dot. I don’t have a big testimonial for this product- yet. I can only say we’ve been eyeing one for a while and this is a great price so I jumped on it and ordered ours. If it saves one crazy tree guy or sales person from waking my sleeping toddler or making my 14-year-old dog try to bark and run to the door, it’s worth it. It works with Alexa to monitor your safety and has a small built in speaker to communicate with whomever is at the door. This one comes with a free Echo Dot. See my thoughts on that above. You’ll save $109 with this deal.
  • Kindle Unlimited Free Trial. We already know that I love a good book. So if you’re a reader – and a fan of eReaders, this is for you. All the Kindle books you want unlimited. While the regular price isn’t bad, the free trial is – free! Do it up!

If you found a great deal that I haven’t listed, I want to know all about it! So comment or share it with me. Let’s all share the Prime love that is Amazon Prime Day.


*This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click and purchase I may make a small commission from that purchase from Amazon.

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