I Want to {Inspire}

I Want to {Inspire}

I was just telling a friend this week that often my inspiration for writing or creating comes from others and usually in a conversation. I am all extrovert and a social processor – which is as super duper fun for my engineer introvert husband, as you can imagine. #helovesme Don’t feel bad, he knew what he was getting into.

What I want to know is what inspires you? I have a soft envy for people who are inspired by things that I am not – like nature and music. Though, I love and appreciate these things, they don’t inspire me to write or create. They don’t motivate me to share and engage with others. If I’m sitting in nature (yes, sitting, because I don’t hike like some of you crazy nature lovers), I’ve got about 30 minutes of time in me to observe the sights, sounds, and smells with all sincerity before I’m looking for something else to do. Don’t get me wrong, I really do have an honest thankfulness for the beauty in the Creation of our Father, but I can’t sit in for very long because…bugs and snakes and creepy crawlies. Ew.

And I love music! I feel so close to the Lord like I can feel the Holy Spirit move in the room during a great worship set and I use music to clear my head before a session of chatting and talking and processing through scripture with other people. But, you guys, I gotta TALK ABOUT IT.  Like with words. Lots of ’em. I’m sure you’re shocked by this. (Insert your favorite rolling laughing gif here.) And for the record, I’m probably a little bit loud about it too.

These conversations inspire me. They make me want to write words, to encourage others, to share with my family, to share with my readers, to tell my kids, to send a picture or scripture to a friend. They make me want to dig deeper in the Word, or if we aren’t talking about faith and we’re talking about politics, or a current event, or educational pedagogy. Rest assured I’m making a note to come back later and dig in because the conversation has INSPIREd me. The words have INSPIREd me. I want to use that to INSPIRE others.

What inspires you?

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