Grocery store funny & a little more faith

So a funny thing happened at the grocery store today…

I’m in a long line. They are all long.  It’s crazy on Sunday.  Husband & wife get in line behind me. I have my reusable bags & my coupon binder clearly visible. Folks in front of me clear out enough that I can unload my groceries onto the belt. I check out, $280. Next hand over my Kroger card, price goes down. Hand over 1st set of coupons (the store ones), price goes down a little more – wife huffs and rolls her eyes irritated that I have coupons. I don’t care, I hand over next set of coupons (I do this separate because they should double and I watch the screen, it goes quick. I picked a good “checker”. 🙂  Wife again huffs, rolls eyes, and mumbles something to husband. Final total, pay for groceries, $174! Husband looks at wife and says, “That girl just saved about $100 on groceries…we need some coupons.” HA!
Woke up after 8 today, decided that we should still go to church, so – rush rush rush – John and I shower, we get the girls breakfasted and dressed and we’re out the door at 9:25, church starts at 9:30 – good thing there’s music at the beginning. It is a great service. I have really been longing for some me & God time lately. I miss it. I miss church, I miss fellowship, I miss how “together” I feel when all is “right with my world”. I want my children to know and understand early on how constant and amazing God’s grace can be.
I’m contemplating starting a small group with friends, or I might just commit to one of the women’s studies at our church.  Probably the latter for now, since registration ends tomorrow and I haven’t the time to gather friends and schedules right now. This study is 6 weeks long and focuses on emotions. Shocking, right? Actually it focuses on raw emotions and how to remain calm and remain yourself. I’m finding that I blow up a little too much lately and just told my husband this week that I (& we) need to do less yelling at the girls and more talking and instructing.  So this is a win-win. Back in the groove of a Bible study & learning a skill that I can use right away. No sticky-note needed for this decision. 🙂
My favorite conversation today was this –
Husband: “How much work do you have to get done?”
Me: “Not much. I can probably get it done after the girls go to bed. Why?”
Husband: “I just want you to sit on the couch with me.”
Me: “Ok, did you want to talk about something? Or work on something together?”
Husband: “Nope. I just want us to sit on the couch together for a little bit.”

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