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Love with Two Hands

Finally. It’s just after dinner and I have a moment to sit down but not at the counter, or my desk, or the toy car-covered living room floor, or the dinner table, but on the couch in my living room. Work is finished, laundry is folded (well, probably - I’m at least pretending it is),… Continue reading Love with Two Hands

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Little Red Wagon

A wise friend shared a story with me years ago that really stuck. I'm sure you've experienced that too. For one reason or another you just relate to it and it resurfaces often.  I can't take credit for this story...but I'm going to tell it like its mine. Just so we are's not. So… Continue reading Little Red Wagon


There’s Poop on the Slide: Confessions of a Work from Home Mom

I’m a wife and I’m a mom. I am also a work-from-home mom.  For real. I work a real job from home, all while I manage my three children, their activities, meals, snacks, screen time, etc… all the things, and all the snacks. If you’re a mom you get what I’m saying about the snacks.… Continue reading There’s Poop on the Slide: Confessions of a Work from Home Mom


Once Upon a Time I was an Extrovert…I probably still am.

  Anyone familiar with tests like the Birkman or Myers-Briggs? If you aren’t, basically they ask a series of questions about you and then identify your personality traits by using letters to categorize you. I’m a ESFJ – show me some love. This means, I am technically an Extrovert (not Introvert), who is Sensing (instead… Continue reading Once Upon a Time I was an Extrovert…I probably still am.

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I Sang A Song – Again

I sang a song – again.I sang a silly song today, it went a little something like this…”chicky-chicken nuggets, cheesy-cheese cubes. Peas and car-rots, peas and car-rots, yum yum yum in the tum tum tum.”  Obviously, Kanye will defer to me as the “musical genius” from now until the end of time. I have mad… Continue reading I Sang A Song – Again

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His 2nd Birthday

His 2ndBirthday.Today he would be two.  My sweet boy. He should be toddling around the house, tormenting his big sisters, cuddling his baby brother. Making us laugh, because of course he would be the most hilarious toddler you’ve ever met.  I can sometimes picture him. Other times the image of my son is so far… Continue reading His 2nd Birthday