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Waiting for Sticky Notes: The Series

Flashback with me to the 1990s:  New Kids on the Block and Best Friend necklaces were the raddest thing on the planet. The latter of those was imperative for survival as a fifth grade girl. No worries for me, I wore my half of a Best Friend necklace proudly to school, sitting next to, and… Continue reading Waiting for Sticky Notes: The Series

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Book Review – More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life by Kristin Funston

I am a more girl. I want more. More of all the things. More people (the more the merrier, I'm an extrovert to the core), more jobs (I have 4), more kids (I would have 10 if I could), more food (who doesn't want more food), more vacations, more house, more family time, more time.… Continue reading Book Review – More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life by Kristin Funston

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How YOU doin’? When “Pastor-Talk” Meets a Friends Reference

So, as part of my focus this year on gratitude and being present in the moment I've decided I would also like to revisit all the notes that take on a regular basis. If you've ever seen me in real-life, I'm always writing something down. Mostly because I just turned 40, so I'm old, I… Continue reading How YOU doin’? When “Pastor-Talk” Meets a Friends Reference

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Love with Two Hands

Finally. It’s just after dinner and I have a moment to sit down but not at the counter, or my desk, or the toy car-covered living room floor, or the dinner table, but on the couch in my living room. Work is finished, laundry is folded (well, probably - I’m at least pretending it is),… Continue reading Love with Two Hands

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I Sang A Song – Again

I sang a song – again.I sang a silly song today, it went a little something like this…”chicky-chicken nuggets, cheesy-cheese cubes. Peas and car-rots, peas and car-rots, yum yum yum in the tum tum tum.”  Obviously, Kanye will defer to me as the “musical genius” from now until the end of time. I have mad… Continue reading I Sang A Song – Again